Drift Your Way to the End of the Race! Australian V8 Supercars Championship!

What we have here is fragment of the finish of a very slippery race on the Australian V8 Supercars Championship, when the drivers, Shane Van Gisbergen and Chaz Mostert, decided to have a little fun and give the audience a little bit of entertainment as the this exhausting race was actually finished.

Sometimes there is nothing more irritating and bad for the drivers and their teams (and for the race itself of course) than when a little rain drops starts falling down and mess up the entire driving plan, throw the strategy away from the window and transform the tarmac track into an ice hockey pitch. You can feel a high anxiety floating in the air or even cutting it like a raiser blade – depending on the action, of course.

This is one way to describe this race at Round 6 at Australian V8 Supercars Championship 2014. But after everything was over, Shane Van Gisbergen from the Lucas Oil team and Chaz Mostert from Ford Performance Racing, decided to let go and have a little fun after the race was over and give the audience a reason to hang on for a little more.

Watch and enjoy this cool video. For more info about the Australian V8 Supercars Championship, check out the official page.

Enjoy the video below!


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