V8 Chainsaw From Australia Powered By 253 CI. Holden!

Cutting wood has become an everyday thing! Yes, you might sit there and think: -- Oh, I never cut wood! Well that`s because there is someone that cuts it for you! However, many people still need wood for their homes and for that they need a proper chainsaw! Well how about a V8 Chainsaw?! Even if you do not heat your home with wood, you will still find this V8 Chainsaw amazing! Even professional wood cutters admire this one and are thinking of using it on their exhibitions! This chainsaw delights everyone present as people cheer and applaud to this magnificent invention! Putting a V8 engine to a chainsaw? Genius!

Australian V8 Chainsaw 1

This V8 Chainsaw is driven through a 1:1 Ratio Right Angle Drive and that is only one more reason for people to fall for it! It has a 3/4 Pitch harvester chain and a 1000 mm harvester bar! It makes our mouths wet just by talking about this V8 chainsaw! Those Aussies know their motors. Many of us try to find the best way and tool to cut wood! Especially those who use it for heating their home! When it comes to the process of cutting it, some use a regular axe, while others prefer a chainsaw!

Well, it that matter, check out this amazing V8 CHAINSAW powered by a 253 Cl. Holden motor! If you want to know the pros of this powered Chainsaw, visit the footage below! We can only tell you that it is able to cut 550 mm of HARDWOOD in a short period of time of just 2.4 seconds! Take a closer look!

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