Drive shaft Disconnect & Tire Smoking With a Powerstroke Diesel!

Sometimes #@ξ# like drive shaft disconnect or tire smoking just happens and there is not a damn thing we can do about it! Just when you are ready to utilize all that effort and many, many working hours spent in the garage, as well as a ton of money, just to make your vehicle as perfect as it can possibly be and to show off to everybody and prove to yourself that you are on the right track all this time, something like this happens and you are experiencing the ultimate anti-climax that can really put you down.

I can not find any other words to describe what is happening here, in the video bellow that you are about to see in a few moments, as we have this great and ominous looking 2008 Ford F-350, property of Josh Sargent, powered by a 6.4 liter Powerstroke Diesel Custom, 64 mm Turbo engine, which was misfortunate enough to experience this epic fail at the strip.

It is happening at this year`s Byron Diesel Drag Day, only a couple of weeks ago, where Josh was getting ready to do his best, but things started to go in a wrong direction from the very beginning, when his front wheel decided to go its own way and gave Josh one hell of a disappointment. Check it out!

Anyway, this link here is quite useful for a drive shaft disconnect!

Enjoy the video below!

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