Rubber Track Tire Burnout By Ford f-350 FX4! One Tire Is $4K!

We live in an era where the market is really specific about quality. Everyone wants only the best of the best! In a time where competition is huge, you have to think outside the box! The video we have for you guys today, shows us how that should be done! With a video demonstration of your product showcasing its potential! This is exactly what the CEO of Mattracks did! The footage of his rubber track tire burnout is a sight you must see! In the video bellow, Glen Frazier (the CEO of Mattracks), shows that the rubber tracks on a vehicle are not only functional and cool looking but can also perform an incredible burnout! You should be careful with them because they are very expensive. One rubber track tire costs a whopping $4000! This price makes the burnout really expensive!

Nonetheless, this is a great way of getting some attention about your product! If someone lives in snowy areas that require the usage of rubber track tires and saw this video, he or she would be impressed! They might be expensive, but they do seem do live up to their worth! In case you ever need rubber track tires, watching this video might just help you in deciding which brand you should get! They look nice and get the job done. Being able to do a burnout with them is just another positive thing about them! We will leave you with the video so you can be the judge for yourself if these rubber track tires are worth it! So, watch this Ford f-350 FX4 doing this insane burnout and make sure to give it a “share” before you go! Enjoy the video below and feel free to like, and comment as well!

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Enjoy the video below!

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