Chevrolet CAMARO Slide Sideways at Astonishing 244 MPH!

Every now and then, we are coming across something totally crazy and so cool at the same time, so that one should ask himself `how far are the limits?`. Today we have prepared a video clip in which you will see something that you do not have a chance to watch every day – a Chevy Camaro slide that is drifting at incredible speed of 244 mph!

It is a video clip of a `master-drifter` named Josh, who is going sideways with his black Camaro, owned by Kelly Bise, in the moments when he crosses the finish line, during the Texas Mile. Sounds interesting and appealing?

One of the most interesting things about it is that only one day before this run, the Camaro caught on fire at 243 mph, and during the last day of Texas Mile, it also had its rear tires going flat whilst driving the car at a speed of 220 mph. But it is obvious that the guys from Late Model Racecraft, who had built the car, did a superb job, because at the end of the competition, it became the fastest Camaro in a standing mile. Isn`t that something?

Check out the video and see what an outstanding performance it is.