This year`s tech show – CES had some really nice presentations! CES 2015 really deserves all the credits. What we want to present to you right now, is the new innovation of BMW. New headlights were installed on the MBW M4! And not any lights – LASER LIGHTS! What is a laser light show? – You ask.

Well, we did not know either before watching this footage. Laser Lights are the world`s most modern innovation that thinks ahead for you! It is basically driving and getting information about the road! It is like having a `consigliere` next to you and he is never wrong! The Iconic BMW Laser Headlights are 650 yards in front of you and double the high beam range!

Furthermore, they locate other traffic participants, and mark them in the dark without being in their way thanks to the great visibility they have! With warning red lights, they inform you about pedestrians and animals on the road or near the road! It also gives you information whether you are in the position of taking over a car or another type of vehicle! Check out the video bellow and experience the BMW Laser Lights for yourselves!

Anyway, check out the best laser light show performances in the world!