HANKOOK Design Innovation Project TIRES! Is This The The Future of On & Off Road RACING?

We believe we have peaked inside the future a bit and it looks amazing! The Hankook Design tires are stunning and offer so much! The video that you are about to see represents a fictive race which has a mission to present the Hankook tires to you! This innovative tires are the product between the University of Cincinnati and the Hankook Tire for the projects eMembrane and Tiltread.

These futuristic tire concept was unveiled at the 2014 Essen Motors Show with the cooperation with the University of Design, Engineering and Business in Pforzheim, Germany.

This year, however, “Great Challenge For Great Change” was the theme. Hankook Design had the job of creating concept tires that would be alterations of the climate change result. The newest concept tire projects are: Boostrac, Alpike and HyBlade.

The so called Design Innovation Project, is actually part of the tire research conducted by Hankook design. The key focus of the research was presenting the first visions that would give us a glance into the future!

The most fascinating thing was probably the Boostrac that is able to boast a hexagonal tread block! By doing this, it can transform in an expanded mode for bigger traction! The conditions in stake are firstly those such as desert roads or mountain ones!

Alpike, however, is specifically designed with circumferential expansion mode, to increase the ground clearance. This made it optimal for deep snow, for example! HyBlade, on the other hand is made so it could give us the perfect solution when we face heavy rain! It has waterwheel as equipment as well as side spokes that can create driving force when heave raining! We really loved this project as well as the video that was made by NESIAC!

Watch the video and visit their website to find out more!