Ultimate BMW Stunt Performance & Drifting Show in Germany!

Watching BMW stunt and drift videos that are coming from Europe, we have all seen that more often than not, BMW models are probably the most used cars for drifting on the old continent. And even though it may not be the American`s first choice of weapon, taking to an account all those beautiful domestic drifting monsters that we have like the Ford Mustang, Dodge Supercharger, and many, many others, we are used on watching these beamers as something a little bit `over-refined` for drifting action, if you do not mind me using that expression.

But that is no reason for us not to enjoy some cool stunt video like the one that you are about to see in a few moments. What we have here is one really great clip from 2010 BMW Stunt show called “The King of Germany”, in which you will have an opportunity to watch two great models of (what it appears to be) BMW E36, giving the audience one hell of an attractive performance, doing all kinds of totally insane stuff. So I suggest that you watch the whole thing and tell me what you think about it.

Anyway, check out the best drifters of Europe!

Enjoy the video below!

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