Watch This Ridiculously CRAZY GoKart DRIFT With No Helmet!

For today we have for a promising GoKart drift smashing the public streets. Powered by a Honda CBR 900rr engine, this tiny little vehicle shows the beast in itself. It may remind you of the popular Super Mario Kart or a mini Formula 1, but one thing is sure – this Kart is a great piece of engineering.

Approximately, the costs for creating this kind of toy are around $1.200. The engine can be bought for about $900 and the kart frame prices range from $200-$300 dollars. The only problem is to make the vehicle longer, because the engine is really BIG.

With no helmet on, and no fear at all, the guy in this video shows up his drifting skills with this kart. Legal or not, the police won`t be able to catch that beast, and the guy behind the steering wheel is definitely a hell of a driver.

So get ready to be amazed, shocked and fascinated by this little monster and this awesome drifting. After watching the video I bet you will come up with a wish for this Christmas. So Dear Santa… I WANT ONE!

Finally, meet the World’s fastest GoKart!