Mad Max Hot Rod! Formula 1 Car + 1932 Ford 3-Window Coupe!

This great looking Hot Rod that you are about to get to know up close and personal, started as a sketching for vehicle for the purposes of the movie Mad Max 4, somewhere around 2009. The basic idea is driven from the look of the Formula 1 bolids, combined with the `skeleton` of the `32 Ford three-window coupe. After a while, it became a 3D model of a Ford coupe and  Formula 1 bolid, and the Mad Max hot Rod was soon developed.

32 Hot Rod

The paint job is also inspired from its author`s favorite Formula 1 cars: the MP4 Mclarens and the Ferraris from the beginning of the 1990s, which he finds to be the best looking.

The design of this great F132 would be in CAD and featured with a chromoly space frame, custom made suspension and body panels made out of carbon. It would be powered with a massive, mid-mounted Chevrolet NASCAR V8, amplified with traditional small block from a Chevy, that can be seen in many 1932 Ford Hot Rods, and mated to 6 speed sequential transaxle

As you can see from the photos, the Mad Max Hot Rod is only 43 inches high and in the fashion of the old hot rods, it would be a two-seater. Part of these are also inspired from the McLaren F1 road cars, such is the position of the driver`s seat and some other small details that are making it one of the best small hot rods we`ve seen it lately. Even Mad Max will feel bad to see it in real life and with no chance of actually feeling it.

Moreover, this BMW looks like it has been inspired by Mad Max as well!