Mad Max: Fury Road – Official Trailer! (HD) 12M VIEWS – The Whole World Is Watching This Mad Max Remake!

Good news everyone! If you have ever watched the incredibly popular “Mad Max“ movies in the past, you are in for a treat today! The original director George Miller and original writer of the original “Mad Max” movie are on board again for the remake of a “Mad Max” film.
We are very excited after watching the official trailer for the “Mad Max: Fury Road” because we are pretty sure the movie will be totally mad, with insane vehicles, especially the famous & iconic Ford Falcon as well as a lot of mass destruction scenes. The first 3 movies of this franchise were really successful, and we see no reason why this Mad Max remake won`t continue the success! Furthermore, with a fresh new cast, we are certain that this movie will be a HUGE HIT! After seeing the trailer for the movie, we are convinced that you will share this opinion with us!

Mel Gibson, the leading actor in the first 3 installments of this move franchise, will NOT be returning to reprise his role as Mad Max.  Don`t be sad though, as his replacement is an already established actor who proved to be incredibly talented!  We are talking about Tom Hardy! We are absolutely certain he will act this role perfectly! It seems to us that no one will be disappointed with the Mad Max remake, and we will just have to wait till the next year to watch the premiere! The dystopian setting, the incredible cars and the explosions already got our attention! All that is left now is to count the days on our calendar until this movie is released!

You can watch Mel Gibson talking about Mad Max 4 “Fury road” HERE!

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