Mad Drifting With A Tuned Turbo Kart With 6 Turbo Engine!

Check out these Donuts & Drifting With A Tuned Turbo Kart With A Straight 6 Turbo Engine! Riding this thing looks like lots of fun!

Go karts are usually made for fun! They do not reach a high speed. You can drive them in amusement parks and so on! Anyway, there are some go karts meant to be raced, but not even those are very fast… Well, the kart from this video sure is above all! With a 6 TURBO ENGINE this one is ready to go! That is why the whole crowd at this event went crazy! The kart is amusing them by doing DONUTS and BURNOUTS and we must say it looks FANTASTIC! Take a look at the video and meet a go-kart you have never seen before!!!

Finally, check out this Turbo GoKart here!