WORLD’S MOST DANGEROUS Rollercoaster Is Slow Rather Than FAST! Would You Try This Terrifying SkyCycle JAPAN?!

If you ever find yourself in Japan and suddenly you get the desire to satisfy your adrenaline rush, then we recommend you to visit the city of Okayama, or more precisely the Washuzan Highland Park. Here you should buy a ticket for the rollercoaster named SkyCycle Japan, the one that will definitely make your heart pumping like mad. And here is why!

Now, many people find scariness in roller coasters! Most often, we think of fast tracks as a symbol of scariness! But SkyCycle Japan offers the opposite! No rush, just slow cycling above the ground. People get the feeling they could easily slip and fall from the tracks! The ride is incredibly long as SkyCycle Japan engineers have figured it all out!

The scariest rollercoasters in the world are known by their incredible speed, large loops and rapid twists. However, the SkyCycle Japan is also categorized as one the most terrifying rollercoasters ever, but this ride has something different to offer. Placed high above the ground, the SkyCycle Japan offers its visitors a slow and scary ride around a twisted track, where one must be cautious to not hit the other carts. The only safety measure for this ride is a seatbelt, and there are also certain parts of the track that have a bit overgrown trees underneath, so you and your partner may get stranded there. Scary enough?! Check out the video and feel free to leave your opinion for this spooky ride. What do you think of this roller coaster? Does it scares you? Would you get on it and why not? Check it out and do not be afraid, it`s all figured out. Plus, you`re at home. No worries!

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