The MOST EXTREME Roller Coaster! The EXCITEMENT For All The Adrenalin Addicts!

When we were kids, we loved holidays! My favorite was Christmas and I believe that was your favorite too! But if we knew about Roller Coaster day, that would beat Christmas any day! The rituals on that day is to find the most Extreme Roller Coaster and have fun! Pretty cool, huh?

Adrenalin Addicts Roller Coaster Day Is The Event For You Watch The EXCITEMENT That These Dangerous 2

Imagine being asked about your favorite holiday and you reply – Roller Coaster Day! And yes, that holiday does exist since two guys from the Internet invented it! It is celebrated on the 17th of August and its main reason is to have fun. It was first celebrated in 2010 with poor attendance – sadly. But this year it is different, even though our hosts expected clear lines, no crowd and empty seats – they were wrong!

People all over the Country came to Valencia, California at the Six Flags amusement park to celebrate the Rollercoaster day on the most extreme roller coaster! A couple drove all the way from Phoenix, but the `Oscar` goes to another couple from Oregon who drove over 800 miles to be there!

Watch the video and try to enjoy yourself with this incredible crowd filled with happiness, enthusiasm and adventurous spirit! Be careful though, extreme rides demand responsibility. Make sure that extreme roller coaster does do not make you sick and please make sure your personal belongings are someplace safe!

For those who are Adrenalin addicts -- addicted to dangerous rides, make sure you join these guys this year in case you have never heard about it until now!

This extreme roller coaster that you are about to see literally misses a part! Yes, the upper one! And do not ask us how is that possible, we are not engineers! We only know that this thing is AMAZING!

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