Watch the Ultimate DRIFT Challenge With Ryan Tuerck!

Time to go to the lovely land of Texas and see what those guys are up to! The host of the Tuerck`d show – Ryan Tuerck, assembles the very best top drifters Matt Field and Pat Goodin at the Texas Motor Speedway. He is going to challenge them in four drift challenge categories. The first one is fastest entry speed. Then they compete in backwards entry and no hands manji. The final 360 entry decides who is going to be the winner that will win a 55 gallon racing fuel, which is a great prize Tuerck says.

Even though our hilarious announcer Jarod DeAnda, makes a joke about Ryan winning this “Texas Shootout” since it`s his own show, that turns out to be incorrect. The judges here have no idea what they are doing. Chris Forsberg, Matt Coffman, and Aaron Ross say they do not really know much about the drift challenge. However, you are about to see another great episode of Tuerck`d, filled with laughter, amazing jokes and even more amazing driving and drifting skills!

So, partners, check out these adventurous competitors as they will entertain you with their drifting skills as well as with their great sense of humor! Enjoy it, and see who will walk away with the 55 gallon racing fuel!