One Of The Best Drifting That Tiff Needell Has Done In His Career!

In the ordinary world “Friends” series will never get boring and we can say the same for the Fifth Gear episodes that we will definitely never get tired of. But that is just us, fanatics of super adrenaline rush which usually appears when you press the gas of one powerful vehicle. And there are a bunch of them, but luckily Fifth Gear crew is here to test them all. Looking at the archive, we have found a “must to see again” video, which features 3 pretty captivating British made cars. Ariel Atom 3.5, Morgan three-wheeler and Caterham7 SupersportR are the beasts that were put on a check to Sabine Schmitz and Tiff Needell during a drifting contest.

Totally experienced and with some insane driving skills, these professionals make a remarkable show that will continue to be an important part of these series.

One of the best moments that we set apart is the one when Mr. Needell with no fear at all tried to tame the beastly Morgan. His colleagues agree that he is one crazy driver that does miracles behind the wheel – a statement which in the meantime promises another unique performance that only the British born star can make.

Enjoy the video below!

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