AWESOME Drifting Action With A Big Block BLOWN Camaro!

Once you got your hands on such a muscle monster like this Blown Big Block Chevy Camaro that you are about to see in today`s video, it is obvious that one has to have a lot of guts to do a hard core drifting performance and rip off the asphalt and create a clouds of smoke. I know that there will be some amongst you that will not share my opinion, saying that you do not need so much torque power for drifting, but wait only till you get to see the behavior of this monster blown Camaro, and than choose your words carefully.

Because after all, no matter whether you prefer American, Japanese or European cars, one has to be a complete fool to deny the power and ultimate allure of such a powerful vehicle like this. If one is not able to tame all that horse and torque power under the hood, and make it work in his own benefit, than you are out of your league. And judging from this video, Peter Gray is a guy who knows his place and purpose. Just watch him having a great fun-time and displaying to the audience just how much fun is drifting a Big Blown Camaro. Check it out and tell me what you think.

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Enjoy the video below!

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