12 Valve BANSHEE Easily Pulls An Enormous TRUCK! Crowd Remained SPEECHLESS After THIS!

It has been a long time as we last made a trip to some show. So, how about Tremonton, Utah? There is a truck pull contest going on, and what you are about to see is truly outstanding. See how a Banshee of 12 valves easily pulls an enormous truck while the crowd remains speechless! All eyes are on him as he binds with the heavy truck with his own chain. The situation is now in limbo, as everyone got their phones to shoot a video of this remarkable action! Will he do it? How is he going to do it? Does he have a plan? Plan B? It remains to be seen. You can feel the curiosity in the air. Those who remained seated are very few, and the crowd is more and more loud! Soon enough, the wheels start spinning, the smokes starts coming out, and the enormous truck STARTS MOVING!

After the whole show was done, the crowd start cheering wildly, and rightfully so! We are certain that no one expected for the 12 valve Banshee to actually manage and pull the truck all by itself! However, the driver of the Banshee didn`t hesitate and did exactly what he planned to do! The enormous truck might have been heavy, but the 12 valve Banshee had just enough power to pull it! When you hear the speaker`s words: “He has no idea what he just did!” it all becomes clear. Please, feel free to click on the video below and enjoy as much as we did. Who knows, maybe you will decide to go and see this spectacle by yourself one day. Utah`s waiting for you!

If you are interested for this event, you can read more information about it right here.