Ford 9000 INSANE Truck Pull! This Thing Is Mother Of Horsepower! WOW!

One thing is for sure – Canadians know their cars and trucks! This is one thing that many people do not associate our northern neighbors with! Which is complete nonsense. Their views might change when they see this amazing Ford 9000 truck that performs an insane Truck Pull! However, the pull here is performed in style as some like to say! What`s interesting for most viewers is the way the front left tire of the truck lifts! Many might think it`s the horsepower that provokes it, but no, it`s the torque! The powerful torque on this Ford 9000 twists the frame as it performs this powerful truck pull!

It`s been a while since we have last seen this kind of power and torque! This Ford 9000 showed us how great one truck can be and also showed us the art of a truck pull! We must say that this video would be much better if the camera guy would take his job more seriously! I think this might be the thing that inspired people to invent the “OLD BUT GOLD” saying! This old Ford 9000 showed us who`s the boss! Amazing Truck pull, hope to see more of these in near future! You can take a look at the video and tell us what you think of it!

Check out this Crazy Truck Pull With The Ford 9000 in Canada!

This Thing Is Mother Of Horsepower! Look how it twists the chassis and doing wheelies while pulling!!!

Anyway, did he brake the elbows?

I was wondering if I should describe the torque of this beast…and I said to myself: shut up and watch the video again!

Good old FORD!

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