Is This One COOL Police Patrol Or What? Check it!

Hello my dear friends. Today we are going to show you a video clip that you do not get to see that often, as you are about to watch one biker, doing a little `stunt`, and a cool police `enjoying` in his show. These two do not go together very often, right? We are not sure where is this `show` happening, there is no data or info of any kind for this video, but from what we can see from the license plates, combined with our geographical knowledge (and experience), it is probably in Bulgaria, in the Balkan peninsula of Europe.

However, what we have is some kind of a bike show at a place that looks like an abandoned airstrip, where people have gathered to watch that biker (on what could be a Kawasaki model) pulling some stunt. But then the police car arrives and instead of the usual scene when bikers hit the road, this one starts provoking the cops by doing burnouts in front of them. And it is not that his burnouts or the clouds of smoke that he creates are so attractive, or him being a hotshot, but the way the police reacts.

Yes, they might be party-breakers, but after all, this is probably an illegal event, and they are only doing their job. And in this case, these guys deserve every respect. Even though the biker is provoking them, they are remaining very cool police and let him do his thing. I do believe that this is the way how to solve problems. Check out the video and tell me what you think about it.