MONSTER MARINE US Military TRUCK With Ultra Heavy Lift Amphibious Connector!

We rarely stumble upon a machine that looks as scary as this one. You shouldn`t worry though, because it is not made for fighting! Instead, this truck is made to be used as a transport vehicle! This concept is developed by the “US Marine Corps” as a replacement for the air cushioned ship that is already 20 years old. This military truck has massive payload and foam runners. Its official name is: Ultra Heavy Lift Amphibious Connector and it is specially designed for the transporting vehicles and for the use of the Marines troops. The UHAC has also been discussed as a replacement for the Landing Craft Utility, another Navy ship-to-shore connector, but Warfighting Lab officials said they were especially interested in how the UHAC stacked up against the LCAC. If we saw that thing coming towards us, we would run like bat out of hell. It might be made for transporting troops, but it does look quite scary.
The Navy`s LCACs traditionally deploy with and operate from amphibious well deck ships and often transport Marines to and from shore as part of training or Marine Expeditionary Unit deployments.

This vehicle has a deck area of 2500 s.f. and can handle much larger payload. As a matter of fact, the ultra heavy lift amphibious connector can carry up to 150 tons of cargo! For measure, the LCAC can only manage 65 tons. Impressive difference, we must admit. This monstrosity also has a better range than the LCAC`s 86 nautical miles, having a range of 200 nautical miles. Furthermore, after arriving onshore, the UHAC can continue going! This is made possible because of the low pressure air cells that are in the tracks. To sum it all up, this is one impressive piece of machinery!

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Enjoy the video below!

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