TUG OF WAR: Massive 5-TON Military TRUCK vs Cummins MEGA TRUCK! The Military 6×6 Truck Does Not Mess Around!

If there was a contest for a “Most American video ever!“, we are absolutely certain that this one would be the winner! In order to know what we are talking about, you must check this crazy TUG OF WAR between a Massive 5 TON Military TRUCK and a Cummins 6×6 MEGA TRUCK! Can it get more American than this? We highly doubt it. At the very start, we thought that the military 6×6 truck would be an easy victim for the monster Cummins mega truck! Boy, were we proven wrong! Not only did the military 6×6 truck won the tug of war, it did it with incredible ease! Time and time again it has been proven, that SIZE DOES NOT MATTER! It is what`s under the hood that makes any vehicle potent!

It is not hard to notice that torque was flowing through all six wheels, so that`s why it was much lower to the ground! As a matter of fact, the military 6×6 truck dragged the mega truck like a piece of scrap metal because of this! The poor thing never stood a chance against the incredible power of this military grade vehicle. That`s one of the reasons and the second is the big block over the rear wheels. We cannot say for sure just how much this block weighs and if it had any part in increasing the chances for victory. Whether it was put there just for the tug of war or not does not concern us. Anyway, that thing is a BEAST! What do you think? If you ask us, the most important thing here is that this video is incredible and most of all, AMERICAN! If you call yourself a gearhead and a patriot, this is the perfect video for you! Enjoy the show people!

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