World’s Biggest Street Engine – 16,5-Liter Monster From Danmark!

This time we have prepared something really special, a type of monster engine that you do not have a chance to see everyday. It is coming from Denmark, from the garage of the Danish mechanic, Peter Thau, who has been dreaming of building this machine for more than 20 years, and now, his dream has become reality and it is time to share his great achievement with the rest of the world. The target was to built and construct the biggest street engine that will have zero pollution rate, despite its astonishing 2000HP, and of course, it will be completely usable! Peter spend many years testing all kinds of engines on the dyno, working on different types of fuel, so he found out that the Bio Petrol fuel can be an attractive all-round fuel. He had managed to turn its bad qualities into advantages and prove that you can have powerful motor and still run clean emission.

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