Check out Ethan Barkley and his 500HP Drag Bike!

Get, set, go! Step into the world of Ethan Barkley, 14 Time Canadian Motorcycle Drag Racing Champion & Owner of E.B. Speed. Take a close look at his ride and find out how come he became such a famous motorcycle drag racer!

He showed us his bike – a 2006 Gixxie Thou that accelerates so quickly that it literally takes you off the ground for a moment! It`s similar to `ollie` in skateboarding just more dangerous! When asked how he became so successful, Ethan provided us with a reply that he simply likes winning, not losing! He puts so much effort in his job, improving his skills every day, and labor always pays out!

Just for the record, since Barkley was a little boy, he wanted to become a human cannonball. His dream was to get fired from a cannonball while a crowd cries his name. “Unfortunately”, he finally found out that those days are over and human cannonballs are not that popular anymore. So he chose the motorcycle career, and did not made a mistake!

Click on the video and see things from a different point of view. See how Ethan Barkley became what he is today!

Anyway, check out some vintage drag bikes photos!