Drag Bike Crashes Ridden By The Luckiest Drag Biker EVER!

There are bikes, Super Bikes and Drag Bikes! The latter ones, those big monsters on two wheels powered by engines with enormous horsepower! They can sky-rocket on the drag strip and make Flash Gordon look like a retired Sumo wrestler. But, if one happens to loss control over it, even for a moment, consequences could be terrifying. That is the case here, a very nasty drag bike crashes with incredible outcome that defies the very laws of physics! Luckily everything turned out great for both the drivers!

Filmed during this year`s FIA/FIM European Drag Racing Championship Finals at Santa Pod Raceway, in Bedfordshire, England.  Greek drag bike racer Filippos Papafilippou was competing in the ¼ mile at this attractive event He lost control of his drag bike and crossed the line in the center! After crossing the center line he ended up colliding with his fellow opponent Steve Woollatt! This drag bike crash occurred whilst riding at a speed of around 200mph!

In the moments when he was hitting hard down the strip, it seems like he clipped a lane divider and crashed into Steve`s bike.

Than he got flipped over, but luckily ended up on the wheelie bar that was attached on the other bike and miraculously Steve managed to finish the ¼ mile without crashing himself.

Luckily, due to his lightening reflexes, Filippos avoided certain death! Filippos Papafilippou totally defied the laws of physics with this move! At the end of the video, we can notice that Filippo`s leg was stuck in the wheelie bar! Filippos is spotted by the camera trying to release his ankle from the wheelie bar.

Fortunately Filippos suffered only minor injury and he will be fit in a short period of time. The same could not be said about his bike. The drag bike crashes and went in flames shortly after the rider left its saddle!  Take a look!

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