The First TATTOOED Motorcycle In The WORLD – The Recidivist!

Are you a big tattoo fan? Always wanted to get one, but could not really make up your mind and go for it? You like motorcycles as well? Ever thought mixing those two pleasures into one – like tattoo your bike for example? We bet what you are thinking right now is “What do you mean tattoo your bike?” If that`s the case, let us take you to Lubaczew, Poland, where the first tattooed motorcycle was proudly presented by Tomazs Lech. Tomazs is a famous Polish tattoo artist, and he says that he is proud of his work, although he prefers human skin to do his work on, so this will probably be his first and last time to work with cow skin. `Cheyenne Bike, The Recidivist – that is how the bike was named, and artists needed 250 hours to complete it!

“People`s opinions are diverse. Some say that this is great while some people simply don`t like it. Others on the other hand do not even have an opinion, and that`s what`s great about it” -- says Stanislav Myszkowski – owner of “Game Over Cycles”. What is your opinion on this topic?

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