BEST EVER Home-Made RC SR 71 Blackbird! GREAT BUILDER!

We always welcome fascinating new projects that because of their perfection and detailed work are deserving a special place in our club. That is the reason why today, we say hello to RC SR 71 Blackbird -- a project that was born in 2002.

Built from scratch, this 13 foot long twin turbine, can now conquer the sky and leave every stock brother behind.Moreover, this plane also makes a good impression on the ground, because, as it can be seen, it is created by true professionals that preserved every detail carefully, with special attention.

According to the owners, this piece of art is not yet finished, although it can fly like a regular plane. However, we must praise them for this already fantastic achievement that will literally leave you speechless and amazed. The best moment that we set apart from this video, is the marvelous landing of the RC SR 71 Blackbird, which speaks even more about the difficult work and effort that these guys put in this little thing. The camera work is also for boasting, as it is done with the help of a GoPro Hero 3 Black.

However, if you want to build your own, here is a great guide for beginners!