Adrenalin SEEKERS Watching F16 FIGHTER JET Landing On Their HEAD! Can You Do This?!

The F16 fighter jet is a multi-role, compact military aircraft. Highly maneuverable and it has proven many times to be extremely efficient in air to air combat and also air to surface attacks. And today we have a real treat for you with this video that is going viral very rapidly.

Check out how this awesome Turkish pilot of the F-16 fighter jet is giving a so called “haircut” to all of the plane spotters while Landing on the airport! These jet loving fans came here to this particular airstrip to see an F16 fighter jet up close. And oh boy, their desires were sure fulfilled to an extent that it narrowly missed their heads!

This air show happened in Lincolnshire, England. The spectators at this air show were forced to duck for cover when this gruesome F16 gruesome fighter jet got only three feet close to their heads when performing a landing at a frightening low level. The F16 fighter jet screamed over the spectator heads just like a scene out of Top Gun. Many smiling faces quickly turned to scared glares as every spectator jumped for cover.

These spectators didn`t seem to be ticket holders at this air show in Lincolnshire, England, which by the way was sold out. We can see them standing on a public road just outside the RAF base where this air show is held. There is a fence separating them from the runway!

The F16 fighter jet is also known as the “Viper“. Of course, they were first developed for our Air Force in the 1970`s but they are still used by several countries. And this particular F16 fighter jet was brought to this air show by the Turkish Air Force.
The Red Arrows also made a display and the historical Spitfires and Typhoons were also among this air show.
But the F16 fighter jet that almost gave a haircut to the cheering spectators marked the day.

Congratulations to the guy who has recorded and shared this video with us!

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