A HUGE RC Jet Plane Catches FIRE Way Up in the AIR!

Sometimes even when everything is double and triple checked, there is always a possibility that something could go wrong and end up much sooner than expected and planed. Other times, one is so much preoccupied with the main thing, so that he forgets to double check certain aspects of the plan or the project, and that is all that is needed for something bad to happen, or at least not to fulfill the expectations. This would be one way to describe the failure of the flight of this impressive looking, huge RC jet plane of A-10 Warthog jet plane.

What should have been a lot of fun and very interesting video of a demonstration on just how fast this plane can fly, ends up with a failure. The problem occurs even at the very beginning when there is a problem with one of the huge RC jet plane engines getting properly started. But somehow it seems that everything is going to be fine and the plane takes off. And as soon as the aircraft reaches a certain altitude, both engines are catching fire, but luckily, the plane manages to land without causing a bigger damage.

It really is a shame, because I`m pretty much sure that it would have been a great performance. But at least, this could be used as a lesson for all RC Plane enthusiasts not to do the same mistake.

Enjoy the video below!

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