WOW! BEST EVER ATV Quad Bike Loading / Unloading Fails Accidents!

Every now and then, we share a video of something funny so you can cheer up! Today we are continuing that tradition with yet another video! Check out the BEST EVER ATV Quad Bike Fails Accidents in the Loading/Unloading category! Bike loading, and unloading, seems like a pretty simple thing to do. However, for some people, even simple things can prove to be hard! Such is the case with this video, where we can see 10 guys trying and failing to load (or unload) their quad bikes! Although it seems easy, you still need a little bit of skill to properly load or unload a quad bike. Many of these funny accidents would have been avoided if the drivers were a bit more careful! Nonetheless, we are glad that everything was filmed, so that we have a chance to see these mishaps and have a laugh!

The first guy actually manages to load his ATV quad bike onto the pickup truck. However, due to him going too fast, he gets on top of the pickup truck.  When the driver sits down, he puts too much pressure on the back of the quad bike and flips over! Afterwards, he completely falls out of the pickup truck`s bed onto the ground! We will be honest here, if we were seeing something like this happening in front of us, our reaction would have been the same as the guy who laughs uncontrollably! Luckily, the driver of the quad bike wasn`t hurt in the accident. Does anyone know why these guys thought this will work? Anyway, do you know what ATV is that at 00:52 min? Share your opinion with us! Which one of these 10 fails accident is your favorite? Watch this funny bike loading/unloading fail compilation and let us know! Enjoy.

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