Tracy Hebert C5 Project is Boosting Drag Power on the Road!

With a wish to build a real street car, Tracy Hebert was asking for an advice for the famous Yellow Bullet message board and in December of 2011 he started a project he believed it would last six months. And began this project with a construction of a twin turbocharged big block powerplant that would generate 1 800 HP and than found a suitable chassis to make the first round complete. Now, over three and half years later, his project is about to see the light of the day.

As it often happens in garage builds, due to the technical changes, expenses and other things, original plans are getting altered very often. Tracy Hebert knew it from the beginning that he wanted a Chevy`s boosted 509-inch big block and this never changed. Cast iron Dart Big M block is the basic and it holds a Callies Ultra Billet 4 inch crank and the bottom end is completed with Oliver Maxi Billet connecting rods and JE flat-top pistons. The air intake is regulated with a custom Bullet Cams and Dart 345 heads are holding the Manton pushrods, T&D shaft rocker arms and Morel lifters.

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Tony's C5 Project

According to the initial plan, there should have been a blow-through carburetor setup that features a couple of Precision 7675 turbo units, but Tracy changed his mind and go with an EFI setup. After consultation with a guys from Li`l John`s Motorsport Solutions (LJMS), final decision was to go with a 80mm turbos that can provide for up to 2,600 HP worth of compressor flow and also have the right size turbine, to pledge with his wish to drive the car both on the track and on the streets.

So this changes worked for the better, overcoming Tony`s anticipations of 1,800 HP and seven seconds quarter mile timing that will son be felt on the streets of his hometown of Lafayette, Louisiana. And for cooling of this monster engine, there is a Shearer 3,000 horse-capable intercooler.

But there were a lot of other considerations, like fueling of that monster under the hood, and on a suggestion of Alan Kennedy of Billet Atomizer, they put 225 pound injectors, fed with a Aeromotive fuel pump. And the 10 gallon tank is mounted behind the rear seats, opted with a Walbro electric pump to help the system on low temperatures.

BTE Powerglide with a TH400 output is backing up the engine and the transmission is connected with a PTC 9.5 inch torque converter and with the help of a Precision chromoly driveshaft, torque is dumped into a standard Scribner 9.5 inch rear housing loaded with a Ultra center section and gun drilled 40-spline axles. And the whole system is rolling on shocks adjustable V-Series wheels.

When Tracy Hebert purchased the chassis, the C5 came with the 6.0 certified roll cage and four link suspension. He designed and built the trick exhaust system that can change from a turbos dump exhaust behind the front wheel when his hitting down the dragstrip and for a regular ride on the streets, there is a pair of 5 inch cutouts that regulate gasses in a standard, factory style.

Even though there are still some things missing so that this monster could be 100 percent ready, Tony had tried it around his neighborhood which he now uses as a motivation to finish his work and be able to enjoy the full benefit from it.