See The Best Way TO Destroy a Toyota! Diesel Truck vs Prius!

The following Diesel Truck vs Prius video that we have chosen for this article will be a dream coming true for all those motor heads among our readers, who are not looking at the hybrid vehicles with a positive eye (to say the least), and I think that there are plenty of those among you, right? And I have to tell you, these next three minutes are really unbelivable, so if you think that your stomach can handle a hard core action, than you are on the right path.

The whole thing is happening in Bentonville, Arkansas, when a crew that was on their way to deliver Built Diesel 2 to the victor of the event, happened to have a Toyota Prius as `bonus` for everybody present there. And then the southern boys got really rowdy and unleashed all of their true feelings toward hybrid vehicles. Jumping, smashing, axing and of course, the best was saved for the finish, when they have chained the remaining to their trucks and literally start ripping it apart.

So if any of this sounds interesting and appealing, than I can guarantee that you will enjoy every second of this crazy Diesel Truck vs Prius video -- The Priuspocalypse or the other video between the diesel truck owner vs Prius owner here!