The Path of Becoming of Dream Muscle Car – 575 HP Camaro 1971!

For today, we have decided to give you seven videos from Car Fix, episode 4, in which you will have the chance to completely see the becoming of this great custom rebuild 1971 Chevy Camaro, from a `regular` car into a dream muscle car – a real wet dream for every muscle car fan out there who has a taste for special and custom built muscle cars. First thing you need to do is of course to find the car, take out the old motor, chop it off in pieces, than build every custom designed component, place every part at its place and than get into the details in order to get this awesome 1971 Chevy 575 hp Camaro in a completely new light.

Anyway, check out how Muscle Classics are listed by Horsepower!
Check out the second VIDEO on PAGE2 and the Custom Rebuild Process OTHER PAGES BELOW!! 

Enjoy the video below!

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