1969 Camaro Z06 Convertible by Weaver Customs! Look at this Monster!

I can not give you much of a preview about this great looking custom built Camaro Z06 Convertible, except that one upon a time it was a regular 1969 Chevy Camaro, and now it has been converted into this fabulous looking convertible that literally take a man`s breath away. Just wait until you see the full gallery of the pics bellow.

First of all, I will start with congratulating Weaver Customs for winning this awesome looking, `completely` brand new Chevy Camaro at 2014 AutoRama Detroit some ten days ago.

ZO6 Camaro Convertible

We do not have the photos to show you how did this `69 Camaro use to look like, but the most important thing is here. Completely transformed and reshaped `69 Chevrolet Camaro Z06 called “Bad Company” in all-steel edition. The car has been shortened for about three and a half inches and widened eight inches up front and twelve inches at the rear.

Under the hood it has a LS6 engine, controlled by a T 56, six speed manual transmission. Almost every last component of this car has been custom made, and that includes the windshield and the integrated heads up display. It has RB 3C wheels with matte bronze centers that are giving the car even sharper looks.

Just look at the gallery, it is by far one of the best looking cars you have ever laid eyes on. Moreover, check out this link!