Ultimate TEST DRIVE: 1970 Chevrolet LS6 Chevelle SS454!

At the very peak of the American muscle cars time, Chevrolet released a lethal weapon on the contest: 450-horspower, 500 lb-ft of torque, 454 cubic-inches and so much more. Yeas, we do talk about the `70 Chevelle SS454 and its LS6 version. And just like that, it blew us away! Two Chevelle SS454 models were displayed during the precise year, the LS5 360-horses, and the very best of the best, the superstar, the one and only LS6.

Test results differentiate from at 106 maximum of 13.2 and at 108 maximum of 13.44 with an automatic from Motor Trend with four-speeds to thirteen. This represented a trim on bias-ply F70-14 tires! With the exception of several of large-block Corvettes and machines with certain specialty, Yenko and Baldwin-Motion pets-like.



Check out the photos of this ride!

We are very grateful to the guys from Auctions America, cause because of them we had the amazing opportunity to spend a whole afternoon cruising around in the one of a kind Chevrolet LS6 Chevelle SS454. The vehicle is gonna be part of the Fort Lauderdale auction scheduled for  March fourteenth to sixteenth, and the team of Auctions America was very nice to offer us a little, sweet crusade in the car before it went up for a tense bidding and finally being sold.

And just like that in a blink of an eye we were rumbling all over Florida on the way to their offices located in Stuart, placed in Fort Lauderdale, somewhere in the north. That day was the amazing day when we had the opportunity to be close to the LS6 Misty Turquoise you can see here. We agree that the black vinyl top and the black stripes may not be the most wanted combination regarding a car paint job, but we surely were pleasantly surprised. If the choice of colors was left to us, we may not have opted for the top of vinyl, but was how it started off of the assembly line.