Ultimate TEST DRIVE: 1970 Chevrolet LS6 Chevelle SS454!



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Once you turn the key, you have an engine that`s starts right away, once you pump the gas. It idled quite gently with the addition of exhaust manifolds  and stock mufflers which made the machine run smoothly and quietly. Don`t you forget the fact that most Chevelles LS6 are used as racer`s companions or street engines modified to the highest level. These babies had to fulfill the  GM`s rigorous levels of reliability  and performance as well as the government`s noise regulations. Considering that, they were amazingly docile, regardless all their rumbling capabilities. We totally see ourselves driving this baby on a daily basis.

This 454 LS6 powered Chevrolet SS Chevelle SS454 in particular, was subjected to a restoration way back in the past and still had some not such a big deal flaws. So, Auctions America foresees that it would be sold somewhere between the price range of forty-five to fifty-five pounds. According to us, this is quite a deal. This is an LS6 Chevelle SS454 is an amazing drive, worth every penny, considering that it can be driven any place, anyhow. It will please your every desire.

This Chevelle hadn`t been rode quite some time, though it had its tank full of gas. It felt amazing, the more we drove it.  When driving, the engine moved at steady hundred and eighty miles. As the miles kept rolling, a hundred and fifty-four felt tougher, though we cleansed the plugs at six thousand and two hundred rpm.

We are surely fans of old timers and hot rods, but time has passed since we last rod an old hot rod with no power assist and manual steering. The speed was incredible, it felt good and we sorta had a feeling of a direct contact with the car. Nevertheless, when it was driving slow was a true pain in the you know what. We are sure that right now you are wondering if its worth the trade off? The brakes at the front were a bit on the touchy side, most definitely over-assisted.

The extent to which we enjoyed our crusade in the Chevrolet was despicable! Considering the fact that this machine has a sort of a dual-purpose nature and unpredictable character, the pleasure of riding in such a Chevrolet Chevelle is limitless. The quality of the ride is immeasurable. Keeping this at mind, we are not as surprised with the fact that many A bodies were sold by the GM every year from its every division. This car rides in a marvelous, top-notch manner despite having the SS suspension. It was never remotely harsh, though slightly flat in the corners. This example here was rattle-free as well. There is all the space you want, enough  for five adults  to stretch their legs and  to  stuff all their things in an enormous trunk . The cockpit is exceptionally quiet once you got the windows up.

The LS6 Chevelle SS454 was whats called the vehicle of a lifetime when it comes to performance. This types of cars rarely represent a synonym for eloquence or elegance and they are not the most refined cars you`ll see, but we must mention that in stock trim measuring hundred, it`s most definitely a term that we will mention. We can now picture  it running mid thirteen seconds off the showroom floor, then eleven seconds slicks, classical alterations as well as open headers.

We cannot still pull ourselves back together from all the awesomeness and power we witnessed today. We surely gonna remember it till the rest of our lives!

Finally, check out this rare Chevelle!