Moment To Enjoy The 1969 Chevy Chevelle Custom!

Be the proud owner of the amazing, 1969 Chevy Chevelle custom. This very model was torn to pieces and then reassembled to perfection. This beauty can change its look and height thanks to its custom air-ride suspension. The interior is completely handmade, with black and white stripe, whereas the exterior is perfectly black with white stripes.419504_15156474_1969_Chevrolet_Chevelle


There are no handles on the door, so the entry is only possible by a key remote. Chevelle has won the first prize at the Pro Touring Isca International Show Car in 2007-2008, Boston. When it comes to its performance, the Chevelle has a power steering, a 350hp 396 cubic inch V8, air conditioning and a m-12 munice 4-speed. Its engine is entirely chromed and it has a custom dual exhaust. A true beauty worth showing!

69CHEVELLE3-515x300 m 69CHEVELLE3-515x300 k419504_15156480_1969_Chevrolet_Chevelle 419504_15156480_1969_Chevrolet_Chevelle v

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