INSANE DRAG RACE: Shaun Chevelle SS vs Heavy N The Game Nissan GTR!

Check out this INSANE DRAG RACE: Shaun Chevelle SS vs Heavy N The Game Nissan GTR! Do you think GTR`s are overrated? Although we have to admit we are fans of the Japanese icon, we were glad that an American classic was able to beat it! This Chevrolet Chevelle SS is definitely no joke! Defeating a Nissan GTR is not a common sight, but this guy managed to do it with pure American muscle! Watching this video makes us proud to be American! This is why we decided to treat all of you with this incredible video of the showdown between the Shaun Chevelle SS and the Nissan GTR! This street race has to be one of the best ones we have ever seen! If you cannot wait for another minute to see a FANTASTIC STREET RACE, now is the time! But first, let us throw in a word or two! We have a real clash here that picked up all the attention needed.

A SS CHEVELLE will confront the AMAZING GODZILLA NISSAN GTR! As they are both ready to hit the gas pedal, tension rises! Concentration is at its finest, and the hearing senses are ready to listen to the sign! And off they go! Fantastic launch by both vehicles, too bad only one can win as they are both FANTASTIC RIDES! Even though the Nissan GTR is known for its impeccable starting prowess, it was the Shaun Chevelle SS that had the better start in this race! Furthermore, the Nissan GTR wasn`t able to recover from the bad start and eventually lost! Can it be that the Nissan driver is not very experienced? We won`t guess, we are just glad that we found this remarkable race and that we are sharing it with everyone here! Hats off for the driver of the Shaun Chevelle SS, he was incredible in this clash.

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Enjoy the video below!

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