1983 Toyota Corolla AE710! One of The Sickest Toyota ever!

Today we are going to talk about a 1983 Toyota Corolla AE710 we took a glance at one car show. It was very difficult to examine all of the details of this 1983 Toyota Corolla because of the huge number of people who wanted to see it. However, what we could see was the fact that the engine was not fabricated with the car, but it was added later. So, the car now features a 20vAG engine.

1983 Toyota Corolla AE710 4

When talking about Corollas you may be acquainted with the JAF and TRD emblems, but you should know that people from the Philippines are one of the best in building Corollas. As for the interior, the thing that surprised us the most was the lap top that was part of the internal equipment. Unfortunately, the owner of the vehicle was not with us so that we could ask him something more about this. However, it was a really nice touch. Nevertheless, the interior was more for boys, there was nothing that would attract girls. Other external and internal details really rocked. At a car show, one usually finds cars that are fast and furious, but this one was very humble, but at the same time very powerful.

Finally, check the rating for this Toyota car on this link!

1983 Toyota Corolla AE710 6

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