Hybrid VIP Style: Honda K-Break FIT!

vip style Honda K-Break FIT 3

As VIP style is constantly developing and moving to other parts of the world with the speed of light there are a lot of customers that are asking for this VIP set. It is not only used for sedans, but for all kinds of different everyday vehicles. K-Break is the leader in this field and during our visit there, the Honda Fit caught everybody`s eye. This Honda Fit has a new aero treatment that K-Break provides for the car.

vip style Honda K-Break FIT

Even though when we saw the car, it was not yet ready, still we really wanted to hear how this hybrid noise sounds like! The interior is as expected for a VIP style vehicle. The seats have vinyl cover, as well as the steering wheel and the carpets. There are also teddy bears on the dash, but they are optional, you don`t have to have them if you don`t like them.

Honda K-Break FIT 4

According to what we noticed during the ride with this K-Break`s Fit is that if the suspension was a little bit higher, then this vehicle would be able to offer a great everyday ride and the car will not remain unnoticed on the streets. It is a VIP after all!

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