Oversize Truck Road Accident! Must Watch HILARIOUS!

You know that feeling when you are driving down the road or highway with your car and pass by or just see, some incredibly Oversize Truck or huge truck, totally overloaded, and you get that image of `what would happen if something goes wrong with this thing` and you sense the danger, floating in the air like an ominous cloud.

Well, talking about the huge and Oversize Truck, in the video bellow we have one of kind oversized truck with an enormous cargo in the shape of train rail, trying to move on the highway. And even as dangerous as it is, at first things are looking relatively Ok, but after a few yards, the inevitable occurs. The metal cargo platform flips over and takes the whole truck upside down.

Fortunately there are no casualties and from the first look, it also seems like the driver is going to be alright, so we can all laugh about it with no burden on our conscious.

This video is a real lesson on how and what no to do and experiment with, because there are certain things in life that should be done by the rules and no other way.

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Enjoy the video below!

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