Drifting on a Highway in a Fast & Furious Style! Crazy “U” Turn Caught On CCTV Cameras!

Sometime some of the best stuff are coming from non professional and accidental moments in life. The video you are about to see is definitely in that category… One of the traffic cameras of the CCTV caught this guy making a stunning U Turn on the public highway, late at night when there is not much traffic around. As he was driving the car slowly and relaxed, the guy is suddenly ripping an amazing drift and making a very sharp U Turn. You will be pretty much stunned when you see this stunning highway drift exhibition!

I do not know what was his motive, but the first thing that comes to mind is that all of a sudden, an image from Fast and Furious popped up in his mind and decided to have some fun. If that is the case, then this guy should receive a call from the producers of Fast and Furious to work as a drifting stuntman! With a highway drift move like this, he definitely deserves to be in the movie stunt business!

Unfortunately, the video quality of this CCTV camera is pretty poor. Being a CCTV camera, that is pretty much expected. You can`t expect a 4K quality from a CCTV camera right? Being the video quality as poor as it is, we can`t be really sure what kind of a car it is. Despite the brand and model itself, we also want to know if this is an AWD or RWD. If it`s an AWD, this crazy highway drift deserves all the praises it can get! Just watch the video and tell us what you think about this stunning highway drift. As far as we are concerned, the guy has our big thumbs up for making this great highway drift move.

Sometimes, life is just giving you a chance and opportunity and all you have to do is grab it!

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