TOYOTA SUPRA 1500HP Vs 1600+ HP Twin Turbo Pick-Up TRUCK!

Drag races are part and parcel of Muscle Cars Zone. Here you have seen numerous exciting, thrilling, suspense, uncommon drag races from all over the world! No matter if they are held on the racing track or somewhere else, the best drag races can be found here! Thanks to you, we are going to continue searching the World Wide Web and presenting you the best from the best. Now we’ve got this TOYOTA SUPRA 1500HP Vs 1600+ HP Twin Turbo Pick-Up TRUCK race!

Anyhow, today`s video features one exhilarating drag race just like the one you always want to watch. Namely, this drag race is between one turbocharged vehicle and one twin turbocharged vehicle! Also, big numbers of horsepower are involved here! More precisely, you are going to watch a drag race between  TOYOTA SUPRA 1500HP and a staggering 1600+ CHEVROLET pick-up truck, nicknamed Red Dragon!

According to these figures, the outcome of this battle can be easily foreseen. However, no one could`ve thought that there will be such a dramatic difference at the end! After all, the difference in horsepower in “only” 100! What we are trying to say is that the Red Dragon is not going to leave a chance to the Supra! This truck wins both races leaving the Toyota way behind!

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