1962 CHEVROLET C10 TRUCK Spotted At Pigeon Forge Rod Run!

Beside the major car shows that attract most of the public`s attention, there are still plenty of minor ones who maybe are not much popular but they still have a lot to offer! As a matter of fact, some gearheads prefer these “underground” car shows. These car enthusiasts know that their vehicle will be definitely noticed anywhere, no matter if it is a word of a big or smaller car show. Anyways, the video you are about to watch below has been recorded at the Pigeon Forge Rod Run and the featured 1962 CHEVROLET C10 really caught the attention of ScottieDTV. Once you press play, you are going to see why.

Today`s recording features a vehicle produced in the early 60s. In other words, it is one uniquely modified 1962 Chevrolet C10 pick-up truck! You might ask what`s so unique about it. Well, for starters, the overall simplicity! Additionally, it looks old and rusty, has a short bed but it has 26″ wheels, NASCAR chin spoiler and also new shiny grille! In addition, the interior is nothing more than basic! It is consisted of two seats, a steering wheel and a gear shifter. What do you think about it?

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