This Guy Is Trying To Start A RUSTY ENGINE BY MERCEDES-BENZ! Is He Going To MAKE IT? Let’s Take A Look!

For some people, automobiles are sacred pieces of property. For others, they are not. Those other people think that cars are just transportation vehicles and nothing more. Real gearheads are not taking cars for granted and they nurse them in rainy days. Other people don`t take care of them as much as the devoted car lovers and also sell the cars within few years. We are not exaggerating, you know that. Even you know at least one such person. But hey, not everybody thinks the same. Not everyone would`ve tried to reanimate an old rusty engine. But, what you are about to see here is definitely not one of those people. We can clearly see he is a true gearhead that just wants his old engine back. And from the look of it he is prepared to do everything in order to bring that rusty engine back to life.

The following video made us consider a little bit and give you the aforementioned introduction. Our dilemma is whether the man recording the video abandoned the car himself, or he just happen to try to start it and record all that. We still can`t decide. Maybe you could help us. Anyway, the footage below begins with a really sad screenshot. We say sad because just watching a rusty engine can be really disturbing for some individuals. Next, the cameraman does not lose any precious time and tries to start the engine right away. At first, it seems like there is no chance. Yet after couple of seconds the engine begins showing signs of life, which gave us hope! But no go. Not for now.

It is also worth mentioning that obviously there is no oil at all in this rusty engine. That engine is totally dried up. We think that each cylinder soaked in diesel fuel would`ve helped a bit. Maybe he should`ve done that before trying to start up that rusty engine.

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