1940 MERCURY COUPE With ORIGINAL Interior Living Second Life!

It is always a great honor when the son gets the opportunity to sit behind the steering wheel of his dad`s car. That feeling is indescribable, it`s priceless. Those moments of joy last for a lifetime. As time goes by, people often feel that the old-school car, previously owned by their predecessors, needs to be restored due to various reasons. Some want to change the look, some want to add more power in the underhood and some want to give a completely new chance to the family car, because it deserves one! That`s why we have one special video, featuring an exceptional automobile coupled with a truly emotional story. It is a word of a 1940 MERCURY COUPE, now owned by Mr. Melvin.

This vehicle was previously owned by his father, but when he passed away Melvin became in charge of the car. However, he left it in the garage for almost 2.5 years but his friends and family encouraged him to take it out and revive it! Five and a half months was all they needed to create the beauty you can see today. Great work and amazing story that can warm the coldest heart! Don`t miss it in the video below!

Anyway, you will love this Mercury Cyclone here!