Dennis McCarty Shows ABANDONED Fast & Furious CARS!

Let`s go to the West Coast a little bit, in the city of Angles – Los Angeles, California! City that rarely ever sleeps, city with great weather, beautiful beaches, but also the city where some of the movies of the Fast and Furious series were filmed! We all love the cars from Fast and Furious, but never really thought about where they get them from, or how they make them? We represent to you Dennis McCarty, very famous automotive fabricant whose work shop contains many cars from all kinds of movies, such as: Batman, Ninja Turtles, Resident Evil and of course, cars from the Fast and Furious series!

He shows us all sorts of cars from the series, some in good condition, and some that didn`t really make it threw! He admits he doesn`t feel comfortable chopping some of the cars due to make them `kamikaze vehicles` so film producers can get the best angle, but, it`s all part of the job. Some of these cars are very hard to find, or even if you do, they`re in bad condition, but Dennis McCarty and his team need less than few weeks to provide the car with new roofs, quarter panels etc.

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