Meet The STREET Legal BATMOBILE From Carnden, Australia!

Unfortunately, for most comic book fans, the idea of owning a replica of the vehicle that is the star in a particular exciting movie , still sounds like a pipe dream. However, when the desire, the willingness and the goal to be an owner of the vehicle that is driven by favorite DC character, the dreams are coming real. Exactly like in this case and believe it or not is our favorite Batman`s pet – the BATMOBILE. About the owner or better said the unconditional fan -- he is a 29 years old bloke whose eternal wish was to drive a street legal Batmobile on the streets of Carnden, Australia. Now, that is only an everyday life.

1989 is the year when his iconic car was born and therefore 2 hard years were required to build the perfect replica. Moreover, this legend of car is the only street legal Batmobile, because of the fact that it has over 30% original parts from the Batmobile that appears in the 1989 film. Can you now imagine that?

Finally, we would like to send warm greetings to this hero, who definitely is the only person that deserves to own this masterpiece because his unlimited love has never fallen to a cheap 7 digits offer!

If you want to learn more about the original Batmobile you should click this link.

Enjoy the video below!

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