Ready To Travel in TIME?! This Guy Owns An Identical Back To The Future DELOREAN!

No matter when you have seen it and how old were you, Hollywood will always continue to surprise us with some awesome cars and some amazing stories where the main characters are back again – the awesome cars. Back again with some awesome cars. And this video a great car enthusiast is showing off his Back to The Future Delorean!

Starting from Scooby-Doo`s 63 Ford Van, the 1951 Ford truck in Sanford and Son and the 1982 Pontiac Trans Am from Knight Rider – 1982, the list of these stars from different decades goes on and on. Each one of us had a dream to own one of these “celebrities” and that dream can easily become a reality IF you only have cash. Five-figure-number is a good start to turn your movie car fantasy into an everyday life. Actually, that budget leads us to Ollie Wilkey`s story, or as he is better known as the proud owner of a Back to The Future Delorean clone!

This Back to The Future Delorean has everything. From a Mr Fusion Home Reactor to a flux capacitator! But wait till you get a load of this! When this Back to The Future Delorean reaches the speeds of 88 mph, it activates an extraordinary travel sequence! This sequence includes different sound effects and special lights! As we mentioned previously, Ollie Wilkey bought this car for a five figure sum. Because of that, he has to bring that money back. That is why, Ollie Wilkey is lending this Back to The Future Delorean for different businesses.

After years and years of research, Ollie found his Delorean in one owners` club and he has bought it straight away so he can fulfill his dream which was born when he was 16. All the details and functions of the car prove the fact that Ollie is a huge fan of the movie! Watch now!

Finally, if you want to see the new DeLorean plant in Texas, follow this link!

Enjoy the video below!

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