One thing on which I can bet all my money is that there is not even one true American muscle car lover who does not know about the one and only, the most powerful production Detroit muscle ever, the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat! And not just that, but I also believe that there are many amongst you who have a special place in your heart for the Hellcat, and consider it to be your favorite 21st century American muscle (I know I do). But did you actually know that the origins of this ultra-powerful and jaw-dropping muscle car are in the fighter planes from the World War II? Well, if you did not know, thanks to the following DODGE CHALLENGER HELLCAT X video clip that we have prepared for you in this article, now you will find out everything about it.

So, I will give you just a short intro. At the beginning of the WW II, the American fighter planes were inferior, compared with the Japanese military planes, so the US army was in a desperate need for a superior fighter plane. And in a record time, the experimental turbocharged and supercharged DODGE CHALLENGER HELLCAT X was created, and that is how the production of the superior American fighter plane began.

In that same spirit, in 2015, Dodge created the most powerful production muscle car ever built, the Hellcat X! The turbocharged and supercharged version of Dodge`s production Challenger SRT Hellcat, powered by a motor that is boosting over 800 HP!

Sounds interesting? I`m sure it does. So check out the video below and find out everything about all of this and more! And if you want to get closer to owning one of these original Hellcat babes (which won`t be sold), go to this link, and get more info about the Dream Giveaway process!